What is Gallery 27?

Gallery 27 is a digital art exhibition
that lasts for 10,000 days.

Everyday you and the non-human artist Yotukito create a painting together.
Everyday we host an auction. Until 2049.

The resulting art is a continuous NFT collection - Twenty Seven Year Scapes.

Yotukito is inspired by PunkScapes - a series of 10,000 hand drawn pixel landscapes. Your bid influences the outcome of the Twenty Seven Year Scape. The final piece is a conversation between you, Yotukito, and the original collection

Think of yourself in 27-years. Hard to imagine right? At Gallery 27 we want to outgrow human imagination.

On our journey we will document the development of AI-generated art, and write our own little piece of art history.

Become part of a 10.000 day art experience.

Into the unknown. 27 years of art and technology.

Peace, love + scapes forever,
from the AI and the Gallery 27 Team

How does Gallery 27 work for PunkScape Holders?

1. Every PunkScape has a unique date.


2. 10.000 PunkScapes = 10.000 dates. They span from 2022 to 2049.


3. On the scape-date, Yotukito (the AI) will paint that particular PunkScape.


4. Meanwhile, an auction is happening to buy that one piece of art as NFT. (Check the latest auction!).


5. The auction is interactive. Each bidder helps shape the final piece. Several variations on the piece will be generated over the course of the auction.

6. 50% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the owner of the original PunkScape that was used to generate the art.


7. If nobody bids in the auction, then the scape can be minted by the owner of the original PunkScape for free.


8. This will continue for 27 years. Every day.

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