Quick Start

A 5-minute round-trip through the Scapeverse

PunkScapes The banner NFT project

The imbalance is obvious: #PFP (profile photo) NFTs are everywhere. #PFBs (profile banners) are the next frontier. PunkScapes are a collection of 10.000 unique landscapes stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Perfect as Twitter, Discord and OpenSea banners. Become a part of the NFT-banner revolution.

Scape Merges Combine your scapes into cohesive worlds

The PunkScape Discord bot supports merging up to 100 scapes. Use the bot to create larger worlds combining multiple scapes. And coming soon: Advanced merge-fades to connect any scape with any other scape.

Scape.Radio A continuous audio-visual experience.

10.000 unique tracks.
One for every Scape.
Composed by Ben Cronin.

Scape Builder Build a home for all your NFTs

Bring your favourite NFTs together and create your unique scape-banner. There are stickers, GMs, you can drag, you can rotate - it’s fun.

PunkScape: Chapter II

Your PunkScapes have been transformed into interactive experiences. Have fun and explore!

CryptoPunk Profile CardENS Domain Profile CardOneDayPunk Profile Card

Web-3 Profiles Your digital identity powered by ENS

The Blockchain and web3 offer a new opportunity for decentralised identity. Display your social links, website, email & more. Your business !vibe card.


A homage to the original CryptoPunks by LarvaLabs. 10k avatars stored on the Ethererum Blockchain; One per wallet.

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ENS Integration

Ethereum Name Services (ENS) is a core piece of infrastructure for the new web. PunkScape profiles are powered by ENS.

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Merch Brand Scapes in real life

Coming soon: We're bringing PunkScapes to the offline world with high-quality merchandise, garments and more.

Community Our Most Important Asset

Join our adventure by hopping on to Discord, following us on Twitter, participating in community events, such as hackathons and art-athons, and growing our community together.

PunkScape DAO Governance by the community

We're building a PunkScape DAO to handle governance of our community vault. Half of all secondary sale royalties flow into a vault, which is used to fund community initiatives. Details to be announced.


Roadmap What's upcoming in the Scapeverse...