Scape Builder

Build a home for all your NFTs

At this point, you probably own a collection of NFT PFPs.

They’re your digital identity, your membership card and a financial asset.

Some of them might have a nice background color too. But apes don’t live in aquamarine, Toads don’t live in teal and your local punk’s favorite hangout spot probably isn’t pastel blue.

That’s why we’ve built them a home – actually, 10.000 homes.

If you own PFPs from multiple projects, you can only use one as your profile picture. That shouldn’t mean your other NFTs have to collect digital dust.

As our digital identity becomes more and more important, we should showcase all aspects of it.

Today, NFT projects are mostly separate. Scapes are a way to bring all these worlds together. With the Punkscapes Builder, you can show off your NFTs (and more) on one of 10,000 scapes.

Make your profile banner your profile banner

  • Add your favorite PFPs to a Scape and give them their little home + backstory.
  • You got 20 Toadz? Show them off all at once, !vibe-ing in a swampy scape.
  • Use stickers to let your PFP(s) say gm, wagmi, or just shout out ENS.
  • Want to wear noun glasses? Or big shades? Go ahead!
  • Drop a few tungsten cubes in there (if you can lift them up)
  • Most importantly: Have fun with it!

How to use the builder tool?

  1. Select a scape from your wallet, the community vault or the overall collection.
  2. Add PFP(s) from integrated collections to the scape (or select them from your wallet). You can resize, rotate and move them around as much as you want (and add as many PFPs as you want).
  3. If you want, add stickers like gm, wagmi, ens, noun glasses, tungsten cubes (among others)
  4. Press “download” to get your new #PFB.
  5. Prepare a response to all the compliments you’re about to get for your new banner.

And you’re all set.

We will work on a feature that verifies your ownership of all the NFTs used in your banners.

Use the builder to tell a story with your PFPs, create a fun scene or make crypto Twitter’s next big meme.

We’re looking forward to seeing your creations under #PFB.