PunkScapes are a collectible of 10.000 little landscapes stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The banner NFT collectible

The imbalance is obvious: #PFP (profile photo) NFTs are everywhere. #PFBs (profile banners) are the next frontier. PunkScapes work perfect as your Twitter, Discord or OpenSea banner. Join the NFT-banner revolution.

The case for banner NFTs: I wrote up a short thesis on why i'm bullish this category which i'll expand and share.

@etheraltog ยท Oct 9, 2021


PunkScapes capture the Zeitgeist of today. We're explorers on the edge of technology, on the verge of becoming a spacefaring civilization. Both destruction and inestimable wealth are just around the corner; It's up to us to decide which future we're going to build.

Unique collection dynamics

Our community discovered various ways to collect scapes, which makes rarity quite unique for each collector. You can collect blank scapes - they work great with the Scape Builder.

A selection of PunkScape traits
What a nice and clean mountain Scape.

Many in the PunkScape community collect diptychs or even triptychs: Scapes that align up horizontally to create double-wide (or triple, or quadruple) banners. From a rarity-standpoint, this means certain scapes will be more desirable to certain other collectors because they complete a diptych. You can read more on this in the Merges Intro.

A selection of PunkScape traits
Europa base - merger from Scape #3672 and #168.

Of course, each scape is unique all on its own. There's no single way to measure rarity, but a number of tools have been developed. For example, you can browse the collection on

A selection of PunkScape traits
Scape #5217, the rarest scape in the PunkScape collection.


Each Scape is unique, created from hundreds of traits. And even within any particular trait, you may find hidden variations on the trait. (E.g., maybe the police car points forward, maybe it points to the side. Maybe the block tree has block apples, maybe none, or maybe it's golden.) Some traits enjoy meme-status or have a dedicated fanclub, such as bigshades, sherp, and the sedan.

A selection of PunkScape traits
A selection of PunkScape traits


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